“Modern health science is the practice of categorization and standardization. The human being experience is a uniquely individual one. Unless diagnosis and treatment is individualized, when it comes to health care, science will be woefully inadequate.” HE

There are two main things that separate the care in our office from many other doctors. The number one thing is that our care whether it be musculo-skeletal treatment, allergy elimination, digestive and nutritional health, or general wellness; care is completely individualized. I firmly believe that even people with the same disease have arrived at that disease in different ways. It is my job to unravel the breakdowns in a patients’ normal function and work backwards to untangle the causes of the problem. The second thing found in our office that is unique; is that we understand that human beings are more than their physical body. Your life force or what we call the Lifeforce Chi-body is truly the directing force of the physical body. We use Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and our language of 7 Element Healing to communicate, ask questions and find the imbalances in the Lifeforce Chi-body.

7 Element Healing is a healing system that combines ancient Taoist thought with modern energetic healing techniques. To date I have had great success in treating and healing many different cases. Our best results have been with allergy elimination. Using 7 Element Healing I have been able to eliminate environmental and food allergies. Even serious anaphylactic peanut allergies have been eliminated without drugs or shots, but by alleviating the cause. To understand how it works we must first answer the question, what runs your body? Most of you would say the brain and you’ll be partially right. The brain does magnificent things. It uses the nervous system and endocrine system to balance body levels and maintain a homeostasis in the physical body. However the brain does not have the capacity to run the 750 trillion cells of your body perfectly and simultaneously. Your liver produces 50,000 biochemicals and performs over 13,000 biochemical reactions down to the micro-milliliter with thousands happening simultaneously! At the same time all of your other organs are functioning perfectly and coordinating with each other. No matter how sophisticated your brain is, it does not have that capacity. So what is really running your body? Let us look at the example of a simple flower. We’ve all have seen a plant grow around any obstacle, reach up and turn its flower to the sun, its source of nourishment. How does it do that? It has no brain, no nervous system and no muscles. How does it know what to do? All living organisms have and an all-intelligent Lifeforce. It is the Lifeforce that directs all living tissue to do the best and right thing for the survival of that organism. Your Lifeforce is a massively complex energetic part of you; it is actually the REAL YOU. When a person is dead everything necessary for life is still there. There are no cells missing and all of your DNA is intact. In fact we can extract DNA from dead tissue thousands of years old. What is not there is the all-knowing and powerful force that is behind the magnificent function of the human living organism.

I believe that the I-Ching or 7 Element Crystal is the energetic structure of the Lifeforce Chi-body. The ancient shamanistic Taoists believed in a principle from their observations of the natural flow of nature that stated, “what is outside in the universe is also inside of you. Man is a microcosm of the universe.” The balance of the Lifeforce is organ-system specific. Meaning that all the organs of the 7 Elements (14 main organ-systems-Yin and Yan) must be in balance for the optimum function of the body. If one or more of the organ-systems are overworked or stressed out, the energetics of the7 Element Crystal will be imbalanced, thus creating a disturbance in the Lifeforce and therefore the function of the physical body. In 7 Element Healing we use Applied Kinesiology and the 7 Element Crystal Theory to identify imbalances, blockages and weaknesses in the Lifeforce Chi-body. By understanding the relationships and communication of the organ-systems and applying the Elemental Laws we can achieve balance and help the Lifeforce and the physical body function optimally.



a). Chi-gung, tai chi, meditation,
b). Taoist thoughts on serenity, virtue and a balanced life.


a) Processed modern food
b) Clean the digestive tract and detoxify the liver
c) Eliminate refined sugar
d) Food combining and gluttony (overweight)
e) Juicing and raw vegetables
f) Whole food supplementation


a) Balanced emotional energy
b) Pacing (life is a marathon not a sprint)
c) Letting Go of the past, unbalanced belief systems, and past hurts
d) Being present


a) Breathing, increasing oxygen and energy.
b) Clean air; trees, pollution and smoking
c) 7 Element Breathing Practices (this chapter)


a) Move the Chi
b) Hard (ballistic) exercises in youth, Soft Eastern exercises for aging youthfully
c) “Fire within Water” exercises
d) Walking the best exercise


a) Pure Clean Water
b) Hydrate the system
c) Water and hydration enhance life force body communication


a) You are the CEO of your body; direct your body and energy
b) Open your heart and love yourself and others
c) Connect to the rhythm of nature



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