Frank Villavicencio from Secaucus, NJ wrote:

For over 12 years, I had been suffering from seasonal allergies consistently. Some years it would be much worse than others, to the point that it affected my ability to work or just enjoy the outdoors with my family. I dreaded the spring and fall seasons. But last summer (2009), due to some back spasms, a friend suggested I go to a TBM (Total Body Modification) chiropractor. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I went to the Internet, searched for a TBM chiropractor in my area, and found Dr. Elia’s web page. It was also great to find that he worked with my health insurance provider. So I made an appointment, and after two sessions, I felt a lot better, and we had already defined a plan of attack to address the seasonal allergy problems. I must confess that I was very skeptical (in fact, I would say that I still am) about the chances of this treatment actually helping me, but since I had nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try. The treatment consisted of periodic TBM sessions (1 or 2 weeks apart for less than 2 months), one simple rule: “no sugar on an empty stomach”, vitamin C and the Neti Pot once a day for 3 weeks – that’s it, no drugs, and no needles. After about 2 months I was back to my normal day routine – no treatment. Now, almost a year after, I have not taken allergy medication (my last refill is stowed away in a drawer), I have been able to spend more time outdoors than ever before, and yet, I have not suffered any of the symptoms that I was just accustomed to (very itchy eyes, stuffy and drippy nose, headaches and constant sneezing). I am still not very used to the idea of functioning normally during fall or spring, but I am working on that.

Thanks Dr. Elia.

“I was treated for an over active adrenal gland and hormonal imbalance. The results achieved after her treatment are described in the following quote, “Excellent, I had been treated with numerous medical and alternative doctors with failed results. I have never received such caring and thorough treatment from any doctor before meeting Dr. Elia.” Kim’s additional comments were as follows, “I believe you need to meet with Dr. Elia if you are experiencing any unusual or chronic symptoms. But most importantly you should seek treatment for wellness on all levels with Dr. Elia.”
Kim Merli, from River Vale NJ wrote,

“Dear Harry
I just want to let you know that after your visit this week I noticed immediately my ankles that were swollen for weeks went down by half and also the chronic abdominal indigestion and pain were eased up. I really appreciate all your work. I had the Dr. visit, today and I was considered high risk – critical for another 60 days and the first 100 days after a transplant. There is a high mortality rate for people over 40 yrs old. But I stunned them all, getting art in record time and the chromosomal test came back. I have 98% of bill’s blood, which is a phenomenal success for the bone marrow transplant. Thank you for all of your help. We have been fighting this condition so hard trying to get my blood cell count up and I can only think that the only thing I have done differently is the sessions I had with you. Thank you so much. Very Truly Yours, Paula Knight”
Paula Knight, from Florida NY wrote

“I began going to Dr. Elia for back problems, then he started treating me for my indoor and outdoor allergies. I had great results. I used to take allergy pills everyday year round. I haven’t taken an allergy pill in over 10 years since Dr. Elia treated me for this condition.”
Carol Digiacomo, Rivervale NJ wrote

“Thank you Dr. Elia for giving me hope that I would eventually heal. I went swimming laps in the pool for the first time in 4 years and did not have any pain. I am deeply grateful to you and your ability to heal me and for never giving up on your belief that I could get better. With Gratitude, Lisa Steinberg Wishing you all good things in 2012”
Lisa Steinberg, Englewood NJ wrote

“I began going to Dr. Elia in June of 2011 to find relief from my allergies. I have been suffering from allergies (dust, dogs, cats, pollen and mold) for close to 20 years. I have received allergy shots, but even with that I still have congestion and sneezing spells and have to take medication to relieve my symptoms. My wife told me of Dr. Elia. It was with an open mind that I approached the treatment. Within one month I saw results and my allergies are much less severe now. I stopped taking supplemental medication. I still go for the shots, but look forward to the day when I will be able to stop them altogether.”
Boris Galperin of Fairlawn, NJ wrote

“I started seeing Dr. Elia for food, environmental and chemical allergies. I had a lack of energy, congestion, headaches, swollen larnyx, burning eyes and aching muscles. Now my allergies are improved and well controlled. I received education and direction on how to eat, exercise and limit sugar to feel well and lower/remove allergens from affecting me.”
Lynn Altshuler of Wayne, NJ wrote